“The previous office was getting very hectic; now I can come to a place that is fun and comfortable while also being functional. I remember when I first met the team, I fell in love with the idea of working with a company that has been around for so long and immediately knew we would work well together,” Hila Gutfield, former Office Manager, Taboola

Creative and Multicultural Work Environment

Looking to create a space that would promote creativity and spontaneous collaboration, Taboola requested a modern, human-centered workplace with unique twists at every corner. Focusing on the firm’s international roots and their need to accommodate future growth, MKDA designed a customized, multicultural experience with different imaginative elements spread across each room. We incorporated multiple lounge areas that would encourage sportsmanship to foster interactive collaboration that would also add an element of fun. There are two arcade-style basketball hoops at one end of the cafe area as well as video games at the other end.

 An office favorite is their LEGO wall competition; the project team intentionally devoted the staircase wall for these competitions, allowing employees to leave their mark on the space and sparking innovation. Keeping with the multicultural theme, individuals made LEGO clocks for cities around the world as well as flags from various countries. Other quirky aspects include swinging chairs for relaxing and a fish tank in one of the hallways.

Quirky Elements Maintain Startup Culture

The space features 31 huddle rooms each with its own bold color palette to reflect Taboola’s multifaceted personality. Each of these rooms has glass fronts, sound-proofing materials and is equipped with AV technology. Whimsical colors were added to the bathrooms as neon signs illuminate the space with popular idioms to inspire their young workforce. 

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