Mixed-Use Cultural Center to Connect Local Residents

Located in a Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) in Fort Lauderdale, The Bridge is a 230,000-sf Cultural / Learning Center that attempts to offset the inevitable gentrification caused by rapid development. The center will offer education, artisan studios and entertainment uses for local residents. The design concept centers on a symbolic and pragmatic double movement between the CRA and downtown. The architectural form, for example, symbolizes a bridge between the local community and downtown. Meanwhile, site lines slice through the project to connect notable sites in the immediate context, creating voids and views to these local sites, allowing the project to act as a map of the immediate context.

Creative Meeting of the Minds

On an urban scale, the building then stretches towards downtown Fort Lauderdale to symbolize an unfinished bridge between the CRA and downtown that requires completion through the pragmatic work happening within The Bridge. Artisan studios will provide local artists with an opportunity to engage with local youth. This will in turn provide an opportunity for artists to remain in the area and residents to learn in a hands-on environment. The open green spaces and entertainment uses are meant to entice the local community to engage with artists and educators.