Renovated Lobby with an Art Deco Flair

Sitting in the heart of South Beach, The Lincoln Building has traditional Art Deco features with its geometric ornamentation on the exterior facade, mix of modern and traditional materials, and bold use of contrasting colors. MKDA consequently capitalized on these ornate details while designing the interior lobby. First, the team implemented the geometric shapes by working with the angled nature of lobby elements. The ceiling design has an array of alternating drywall and wood slatted ceilings, with recessed angled lights in the drywall ceiling areas. Additionally, the interior volume that houses the elevator cabs are cladded in black back-painted glass with angled cuts. We intentionally refreshed the wood panels with white paint contrasted against these black details to properly reflect Art Deco style.

Custom Terrazzo Floors and Reception Desk

Further building on the use of different shapes and patterns, the team custom designed the poured terrazzo flooring including hand selecting the aggregate and alternating the background colors of the cement. The white and gray terrazzo floors contain black transition strips to both provide contrast and break up the angles. In order to complete the Art Deco aesthetic, the lobby contains an elegant tri-colored concrete and glass reception desk; a feature element with expressive geometric lines. Through combining all of these elements, – the terrazzo flooring, angled lines, and black and white color palette – MKDA crafted a unique Art Deco experience to complement the building’s exterior.