MKDA Devises 1,000,000 Square Foot Master Plan for Development on the Cayman Islands

Located within a lush tropical landscape, West Village captures the essence of the Cayman Islands by integrating dense tropical landscape, grand indoor and outdoor spaces and beautiful breezeways. The master plan of the site includes mixed-use apartments, 64 townhomes, a large grocer and extensive residential amenities. The townhomes are all modular units with the same building footprint, but varying types to fit the current market. There is a covered entry to each home that includes parking space for two cars. All bedrooms enjoy their own balcony or terrace. The expansive master bedroom has an extravagant private bath and overlooks the outdoor living space below complete with its own individual plunge pool.

At the heart of the development is the communal open-air gathering space. A tiered performance stage, elongated center bar, and sunken splash pool bring the surrounding commercial spaces to life. Pockets of shaded outdoor restaurant dining further activate the area. Above the commercial level sits two residential levels. These seem to float above the active ground level as they are connected by catwalks with landscape ascending from its openings. We stacked the unit mix in a way that allowed the excess roof of the lower unit to become the upper unit’s terrace, so that there is no extra in building cost. Each apartment unit has its own entry garden as well as a large sizable terrace. The living spaces allow for passive cooling strategies by incorporating large louvered shutters that open up and allow for cross-ventilation through the unit.