“I’ve learned that people will forget
what you said, they will forget what
you did, but they will never forget
how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou Jessica Diaz Office Manager

Q & A with Jessica Diaz

Name 3 words that describe you.
Loving, Fun, Inquisitive.
Recommend a book you recently read.
“Think Like a Monk” by Jay Shetty.
What’s the most inspiring (or best) part of your job?
Being surrounded by diverse and creative people.
If you could get a new skill in 10 minutes, what would it be?
How to operate a sewing machine.
What skill do you think everyone should learn?
How to meditate; It’s life-changing!
What was your childhood nickname?
What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Raising an incredible & kind young man.
What’s the cheesiest movie moment or line you can think of?
“Nobody puts baby in a corner!”