"My idea is to bring happiness,
respect, vision, poetry, surrealism,
and magic [to design]." – Philippe Starck Stefania Rivas Mongiovi Project Designer

Q&A with Stefania Rivas Mongiovi

Name 3 words that describe you.
Funny, Confident, Artistic
What skill do you think everyone should learn?
A secondary language and finance
What’s the best advice you can give to someone starting their career?
Don’t be scared to ask questions
What are the toughest challenges you have at work?
Asking questions
When did you know you wanted a career in design?
When I was really young (about 8-10 years old) I would spend hours playing games that involved creating beautiful spaces. It all started with making my own Barbie houses, then it evolved to playing Sims all the way to becoming a Designer.
Name your top 3 things on your bucket list.
1) Watching the northern lights
2) Having a puppy
3) Go camping in Europe
What’s the most inspiring (or best) part of your job?
The ability to evoke positive emotions through my designs.
What’s your favorite music genre?
Electronic and House Music